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Nonprofit Enterprise at Work, Inc.


Ann Arbor, MI


Name of Organization:

Nonprofit Enterprise at Work, Inc.

Contact Person:

Dallas Moore

Manager of Program Support


1100 North Main St.,

Ann Arbor, MI 48104


[734] 998-0160 ext.206


[734] 998-0163




Organization Description:


BoardConnect� is a program of Nonprofit Enterprise at Work in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The BoardConnect matching program assists organizations in identifying, recruiting and retaining sufficient numbers of board members with the appropriate skills, interest and passion for nonprofit service. The program recruits and provides training and orientation to a diverse array of community members motivated toward board service and seeks to match these individuals with participating nonprofit organizations. [p] Organization and Candidate participation in BoardConnect is open to all nonprofit organizations and community members with an interest in board development. The program encompasses the following phases: organization identification and candidate recruitment, mandatory training, application in boardnet[i]USA's[/i] online database system, matching, and follow-up support. [/p]


Programs & Resources for Nonprofit Governing Boards and Board Members:


The mission of Nonprofit Enterprise at Work [NEW] is to help nonprofits succeed by strengthening nonprofit management and offering solutions to issues facing our nonprofit community. To this end, NEW provides the following services and programs to enhance nonprofit capacity: [b]BoardConnect�[/b] provides workshops and Webinars, board matching, on-site training, and other board development services [b]npServ�[/b] provides shared, low-cost IT support for nonprofits [b]ResourceConnect�[/b]hosts an online consultant directory, a resource database, a directory of nonprofits and grant searching training [b]Office and Meeting Space[/b]available for rent to 501[c]3 nonprofits in a multi-tenant nonprofit center