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Sacramento, CA


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Catherine Wilson

BOARDLINK Program Coordinator


Nonprofit Resource Center,
828 I Street, 2nd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814


[916] 264-2719


[916] 264-2787




Organization Description:


BOARDLINK is a program of the Nonprofit Resource Center that matches interested people with the boards of nonprofit organizations in the greater Sacramento area. The project's ultimate aim is to raise the standard of leadership and service in the nonprofit community. [p] In order to increase the pool of qualified board members, BOARDLINK recruits board candidates, especially mid-level managers and young professionals. After 5 hours of training on the basics of board service, they are introduced to local nonprofit organizations that match their interests. The nonprofit organizations that participate attend an orientation, complete a board self-assessment, and have a two-hour technical assistance session with a BOARDLINK consultant to create an action plan for improving board recruitment and orientation.


Programs & Resources for Nonprofit Governing Boards and Board Members:


The Nonprofit Resource Center offers workshops, technical assistance and training on all aspects of nonprofit leadership and management, e.g., fund raising, marketing, fiscal management, volunteerism, and board roles and responsibilities. [p] The Center is located in the Central Library and offers many books and resources for board members. Staff is available five days a week to provide assistance in locating resources and answering questions. BOARDLINK has a monthly interactive forum published online. The forum provides an opportunity for board members to ask questions and hear responses from others who have had similar situations on their boards.