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Georgia Center for Nonprofits


Atlanta, GA


Name of Organization:

Georgia Center for Nonprofits

Contact Person:

Karen Beavor

Executive Director


50 Hurt Plaza,
Suite 845
Atlanta, GA 30303








Organization Description:


The Georgia Center for Nonprofits’ mission is to serve, strengthen and support Georgia's nonprofit community. The Center offers consulting, matching and training services to address the needs of three target audiences. Those audiences and related services include the following:

Corporations and professional groups: Consultation on strategies for community involvement, information on available board positions, training for key staff/members in the governance of nonprofits and introduction of key staff/members to nonprofit boards.

Individuals: Consultation on how to choose the right board, identification of boards requiring one's expertise, training in principles of governance and trusteeship, opportunity to expand personal and professional networks.

Nonprofit organizations: Consultation on board development, training in effective board governance, profiles of pre-qualified candidates, facilitated introduction to candidates and follow-up evaluation of the match after three and six months. Candidates and nonprofits pay a fee based on their affiliation and budget size. Georgia nonprofits call 800-959-5015. In Atlanta, call 678-916-3010.


Programs & Resources for Nonprofit Governing Boards and Board Members:


Member Helpline: The Center provides member organizations’ staff and board members with information, resources and referrals. Georgia nonprofits call 800- 959-5015. In Atlanta, call 678-916-3025.

Member Benefits: On behalf of its members, the Center negotiates with vendors for low-cost, high-quality insurance, retirement plans, business services and products. Of particular interest to board members, the Center has a directors’ and officers’ liability program. Georgia nonprofits call 800-959-5015. In Atlanta, call 678-916-3032.

Training and Special Events: The Center offers educational programs on multiple topics tailored to the needs of nonprofits. Events include Managing for Excellence Workshops, the Georgia Nonprofit Summit, Georgia Rural Philanthropy Forums, Georgia Nonprofit Day, and Dot Org: The Southeastern Nonprofit Technology Conference. Georgia nonprofits call 800-959-5015. In Atlanta, call 678-916-3045.

Standards for Excellence: The Center encourages excellence and accountability in nonprofits through education and self-regulation. Georgia nonprofits call 800-959-5015. In Atlanta, call 678-916-3099.

Research: The Center conducts research to define, chart and understand the nonprofit sector and to determine ways it can best serve Georgia’s communities. Projects include Georgia Nonprofit Employment Report, Georgia Nonprofit Sector Report, and Georgia Nonprofit Wage & Benefit Report. Georgia nonprofits call 800-959-5015. In Atlanta, call 678-916-3025.