About boardnetUSA


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why did Governance Matters create boardnetUSA?

With a mission of strengthening the management capability of nonprofit boards, boardnetUSA has been developed to allow nonprofit boards and those interested in serving as board members to reach out beyond their existing networks and find each other.

Are nonprofit boards charged a fee to register with boardnetUSA?

There is no fee for a board to register or use the boardnetUSA system. Participation is limited to nonprofit organizations that are incorporated as 501(c)(3) charities. To register, boards use their Employee Identification Number (EIN) as assigned by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Are board candidates charged a fee to register with boardnetUSA?

There is no fee for an individual to register as a candidate and use the boardnetUSA system. Candidates participating in boardnetUSA through the sponsorship of one boardnetUSA'scommunity partners or other sponsoring organizations may have access to additional site features and services. Please contact the community partner directly for more information about becoming involved with its boardnetUSA program.

Why are there no candidates or boards in my geographic area?

boardnetUSA is a growing network. Marketing efforts are concentrated within the membership and geographic areas of our community partners and supporters. Consequently the development of candidate and nonprofit users in some areas may be slow.

Who are supporters of boardnetUSA?

boardnetUSA receives support from both its community partners and supporting corporations, organizations and foundations.

Is a candidate or a nonprofit board certified by boardnetUSA?

boardnetUSA does not certify candidates or nonprofit boards, boardnetUSA works to identify motivated candidates and boards, and enabling candidates and nonprofit boards to learn about and communicate with each other. We strive to collect information in our database that can provide candidates and boards with sufficient information to assess the appropriateness of a match.